Zane is our crazy loveable 9 year old cross breed, who despite his advancing years still thinks he is a pup and has never quite learned to clam down when travelling in the car. 
Zane suffers from a mix of excitement and nerves when travelling and although he has been used to the car and our doggy vans since we adopted him at 9 months, nothing we have tried has worked to ease his symptoms. 
As our family holiday to Blackpool was coming up and knowing that with a rest stop, it would be a 3 and a half hour journey for Zane and with our 2 young children, I wanted to ensure that everyone was comfortable and settled.

Holistic Therapies For Dogs

Being a massive fan of holistic therapies and using them on myself and my family for years, I wanted to know if these would have the same benefits for our canine family members too. After my studies, I was delighted to learn that they do in fact offer a host of benefits to dogs! 
I have also been learning more and studying the uses of Essential Oils and having used them regularly on myself, family and friends for the past 8 months, I decided to try using them on my dogs. 
Of course knowing which oils are safe to use and getting the quantities accurate is something which I also had to study in order to ensure safety and well being of my boys during the trials. 
In the weeks leading up to our trip, I started to massage both our dogs and use lavender whenever Zane showed any signs of stress. 
There did seem to be an improvement in his symptoms but I wasn’t sure if this was just coincidence. 
So on the morning we were heading to Blackpool, I massaged both dogs and popped a calming Essential Oil blend on the pads of their paws and massaged behind their ears. 
After the initial excitement of being in the car, Zane calmed down literally to the point where my husband asked if he had fallen out the boot! 
When we stopped halfway for a rest, I got Zane out for a paw stretch and a drink and he was the calmest I have ever seen him when we have been travelling. Although excited to be going on his holidays he was not highly strung, stressed out or barking at everything! 
The use of the Essential Oils was definitely a game changer! 
Just to be sure, on the way home from our trip, I did not put the oil blend on Zane to see if it would make a difference and my goodness it definitely did! 
After 30 minutes of travelling I had to stop and massage the oils in to Zane as he was so super stressed it was unbearable and upsetting for the rest of us to watch. 
Once treated with the oils, we set off again and it was like someone had flicked a switch and Zane was just so calm and settled in the back of the car! 
After the results of this experiment, I have been using the oils more on Ziggy and Zane, I have been practicing Reiki and canine massage on them too. They are the most Zen dogs on the planet I bet! 
I am therefore delighted to be adding canine holistic massage and reiki to the list of services offered by Stardust Doggy Care. 
If you would like any help with holistic therapy or essential oils for your dogs, please do get in touch. 
See you on the next blog. 
Lisa xx