Is Your Dog Stuck In The House All Day, Waiting For You To Come Home?

Try our DOGGY DAYCARE! You can be sure your pup is getting the attention and exercise they deserve for their physical and mental health.

Dogs are social animals and can suffer terribly from separation anxiety. When you’re not there, they feel like you’ve been away for a lifetime. Dogs are part of our lives, but to them – we are their whole life!

About Stardust

Doggy Daycare

Established in 2009, Stardust offers award winning luxury, yet affordable care for your dog. We are fully health and safety regulated as well as animal first aid trained and carry all necessary safety equipment.

Our dog walks are tailored to provide fun and exercise in a relaxed environment. We walk in small groups, ensuring health and safety for both the dogs and the handlers. As dogs are just like humans and have different abilities, our walks are in areas which take this into consideration.

We provide dogs with as much variety as possible, so that their outings are exciting and they have lots of news to tell you when you get home from work! Oh and don’t worry – mucky paws are cleaned.

Some examples of the places we walk are: Mugdock Country Park, Cardowan Moss, Troon Beach for special treats, The West Highland Way, The Campsie Fells and many more. 

Doggy Day Care – 10am to 3pm

(Discounted if booked Monday to Friday)

This is our most popular service and is like nursery for your dog. Our fully trained, disclosure checked, insured and dedicated to your dog handler opens the door to our bespoke doggy vans where your pup is greeted by all their friends, who they get to play with all day!

Not cooped up in the house and never taken into a depressing unit – weather permitting our dogs are out all day to different places, experiencing different sights, smells and sounds. We have a new adventure each day because the more stimulated your pup is – the happier they’ll be!

Whilst you’re at work or out and about you can have total peace of mind, knowing your dog is having a great time. They’ll love you for it!

Not only this but we carry fresh water, treats and sausages, blankets and cool mats. If you wish to provide lunch for your dog, we will even ensure feeding at lunch time, although the team regularly have to share ours!

Other features include:

  • Track your dog and see pictures wherever you are using our GPS app.

  • Mobile numbers for all of the dog walking team.

  • A dedicated pet software and mobile app with your own account.

  • A fully trained, experienced and insured dog walking team, wearing uniforms to make them easily identifiable.

  • We try to keep the same handler to build the relationship, trust and bond between handler and dog.

  • We carry full health and safety equipment to keep your dog safe.

  • A 10% gift voucher to be used at any time in the year with Stardust.

  • Discounted vet care at Vets For Pets.

  • Discounted pet insurance with Pet Plan Sanctuary.

  • Discounted treats and food from Natures Menu.

  • Christmas treats and presents for your dog, along with a doggy Christmas Party!

  • A free birthday walk with treats and presents!


Marlyn Robertson

Angus is a “mucky pup”, always on the look out for the biggest puddle to roll in. And according to his mum Marlyn, he loves being part of the Stardust gang! We love to have him too!

Jamie Campbell

Diesel is our longest serving member – we’ve had him since he was a pup! (dogs tend to come in as puppies and grow with us). He’s super cheeky and we call him “Fat Boy”, not because of his size – but because he eats everything in sight, including our owner Lisa’s grandads macaroon!

Danielle MacKay

After much research and exploring we decided to put our 10 week old cavie into the careful loving hands of Stardust. Lisa visited us at home and instantly put us at ease with her warm and genuine nature.

Lisa and her team were the obvious choice, they love dogs, it’s more than a business…it’s a family. Lisa spent the time to place Bella in a group with similar natured dogs and has worked to develop her confidence from a pup (she now 4!!). Stardust keep clients informed of their ongoing development and training courses they have attended and future endeavors.

The booking system also makes it easy to communicate and schedule weekly walks.

Our best friend and fur baby is in good hands at daycare whilst we are at work, it gives you peace of mind that your dog is having a brilliant time running around hills, running through puddles and streams…resulting in a very tired pup when we get home. We wouldn’t be without Stardust they are such an important part of our lives.

Christine Flynn

Molly and I have been a part of the Stardust gang for 3 years now. After a couple of bad experiences with dog walkers I can relax and know that Molly is with people who care about dogs as much as I do and she is well looked after. I enjoy receiving pictures of Molly and friends as well as videos of all the dogs happy and enjoying themselves. It’s the best move I made. Many thanks to you all.

Julie McCormack

Stardust have provided a first class service for Skyla and our family since she was 9 weeks old. They initially did puppy drop in visits when Skyla was young and she has been going out for doggy day care at least twice a week since she was 4 months old. Skyla also goes for dog boarding to Lisa when we are away on holiday.

I work full-time and am also a busy mum so the doggy day care is excellent when I am working longer days as I know that Skyla will be happy and tired when I return home. The team are also excellent about fitting Skyla in at the last minute. I also enjoy receiving the photos of Skyla and seeing her and her friends on social media. I also trust Lisa and the team which I think is vitally important when you view your pet as part of the family. I would struggle to juggle family and work life without the excellent service I receive from Stardust.

We Are The Perfect Solution If…

  • Your dog is left alone all day

  • You work long hours and are short on time

  • You worry your dog is missing you and may be suffering from separation anxiety 

  • Modern life is busy and we juggle lots of things like work, kids, the house, the gym and then the dog needs walked, there are just not enough hours in the day!

Not Only This

Our dedicated animal handlers are:

  • Experienced and fully trained

  • Fully insured and disclosure checked

  • We have bespoke pet care software, which every owner has an account on, allowing them to manage bookings/ cancellations etc. 

  • The software is GPS tracked so we are fully transparent and accountable. 

  • Every dog has its own unique care plan, which is led by instructions from owners and our experiences out and about with the dog. These are changed and adapted over time as required. 

  • You receive notifications of a start and finish time of all walks and are provided with photos to show you how happy your dog is on their walk. 

  • We provide you with regular updates to give peace of mind and we are very active on social media, so you can always see what your dog gets up to. 

  • We have a dedicated team to ensure continuity for you and your dog during holidays and any sickness. This means no strangers covering or added stress for your dog. 

  • We also have a dedicated Glasgow Dogs Facebook group, where owners can share tips and advice on dog care.